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How it works when you make a reservation to paint

Book a Party

Clayful Art is a great place to celebrate any event. Birthday parties, showers, scouting events,ladies night, whatever it may be we will work with you to create the perfect party package!  

You  can also choose from one of our all inclusive Themed party packages!



How it works when you make a reservation to paint

Book a Party

Join us for a fun filled day or evening where we will guide you through a step by step project. We host events for both kids and adults , wine and design nights , themed events and wet clay projects!

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How it works when you make a reservation to paint

How it works when you make a reservation to paint

How it works when you make a reservation to paint

1. Make your reservation to come in and paint a piece of your choice on our website today!

2. when you come in our studio you will choose your piece of pottery from a large selection! Mugs, bowls, figurines, platters 

( you name it!)

3. You also get to choose your paint colors 

4. Sit down relax and paint to your desire

5.Leave your piece with us to be fired for 7-10 days. Then call to schedule a day that works for you to pick up. (419)260-6579

(all pieces must be picked up within 1 month or we cannot guarantee to hold)

 Please call us if you have any trouble picking up within a month and we will work with you. Although we love to have children in the studio , Do to the nature of our studio being fragile, we recommend children 5yrs and up. If you choose to bring a young child into the studio he/she must be attended by an adult at all times. Babies must be held or in a stroller at All times.  Parents Will be held responsible for any broken items or injuries that occur from a young child that enters our studio.  We appreciate your understanding. 


Clayful Art Studio Policy/rules

Clayful Art Policy

Due to the items in our shop being fragile and handmade we do not offer refunds on your product for any reason. If an item is broken during the kiln fire we will credit you with a gift certificate for the cost you paid for the item so that you can remake it at a different time. Low fire bisque pieces  are not dishwasher safe or microwave safe but most items are safe for food and hand washing. Pieces are not meant to go through any kind of shock with hot or very cold temperatures. We love having children in the studio however we do not allow little ones to be unattended at any time in our studio. If they get hurt or break a piece it is the responsibility of the person they came in the studio with to pay for the mistake. We understand that our customers are busy people however we are limited in space and it is difficult for us to hold on to customers pieces for over 1 month, we  ask that customers pick up in 7-10 days from the day they painted and if we do  not hear from you within a month your piece may be discarded. We appreciate all of our customers and thank you for your understanding.

When purchasing our products you are acknowledging and agreeing to our policy.