How to order

Ordering instructions for take home kits

Glaze chart remember to do 3 coats for opaque coverage or 1 coat for translucent

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How to order: 

1. Order your take home kit from our online store
2. List your allotted amount of colors from the color chart above, for each piece on the special instructions area of your receipt. List your colors by number and write

M for main color or A for accent color. (Most pieces to not allow more than 4 colors)


bunny 1M,16A,11A

3.Your order will be ready for pick up in 24 hours. Your items will be on our pick up shelf which is located behind the first door of our studio .
4. When your finished painting please bring your pieces back to the pick up shelf and send us a text with the words drop off . We will contact you with the number you provide on the order form that is included with your pieces.

 *Please make sure to bring your order form when dropping off pieces.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to text us at  (419)260-6579. *

*We also have acrylic paints available  for all pieces except dinnerware. Your pieces would not require you to bring them back to the studio for a kiln fire if you use acrylics. The acrylic color chart is listed above, please write acrylics on your instructions area of your receipt and list them by name. Example: Acrylics Fur/cocoa,Eyes/blueberry